What to Expect

When you walk in the door you will notice we are not formal. Although you may see a few ties and dresses, jeans or shorts are just as common. Come as you are and you will fit in.

Our worship service starts at 10am with four or five praise songs led by the Worship Team. Then the speaker for the day will present a 30-35 minute sermon. Sometimes this is the pastor. Sometimes it's another speaker. We believe God speaks through all of us, young or old, male or female. We've found the variety of speakers to be a real blessing as we grow together. To finish up we have some special feature. Sometimes this is a testimony and prayer time. Sometimes it's a missionary sharing their story. The worship service usually ends around 11:15am.

At 11:30am is Sabbath School. This is a special time for kids and adults to have their own classes to study the Bible together. This time ends at 12:30pm.

Lunch always follows with a special theme each week. If it is your first time with us, please just bring yourself. There will be time enough to bring food later. Many of our members are vegetarian so you will find most if not all of the entrees will be vegetarian. Don't worry, it's good stuff. People keep coming back. . .